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Zend Certification (Every First Wednesday of the month) [Training] (India)
Lynus Academy - Authorized Training Partner for Zend Technologies. Batches begin with every month first Wednesday. for international students please check the availability.

ZCE - International Certification for PHP

Benefits of Becoming a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

Career Rewards

* Differentiate yourself from competitors when looking for a new job

* Boost your value at your annual salary review

* Get your resume/CV noticed

* Gain recognition from your employer

* Have your profile displayed in Zend’s Yellow Pages for PHP Professionals

Personal Rewards

* Be recognized as a proud and dedicated supporter of PHP

* Show your commitment to the spread and growth of PHP

* Help the community prove that PHP is reliable, stable and dependable

Rewards from Zend

* Be listed in Zend’s PHP Yellow Pages

o Used by employers and recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide

o Personalize your listing by uploading your photo, inputting your company information, CV details

* Get special discounts on Zend PHP conferences worldwide


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